Licensing, Regulatory Approvals, Software and Data Security

Virtual Software and its executive team fully understand the requirements of operating in the regulated B2C and B2B environment.

The business is fully committed to ensuring the highest standards to both regulatory and product technical compliance is met within the existing or enhanced regulatory and legislative frameworks and has and continues to work in concert with all lawmakers and stakeholders.

Our technology ensures race data is anonymised and encrypted so that outcomes cannot be known prior to the race being run (“VS Virtual Live Racing Products”). This delivers the capability of instant on-demand live tote based racing, using the racetrack partners intellectual property of a rich library archive consisting of past performance racing outcomes, and results databases which we believe to be unique in the sector.

Fully Committed

The following summary is a timeline of Virtual Software’s commitment to those tenants and our team is always available to discuss in detail upon request.’

To deliver risk-free and new revenue growth via a global platform and distribution network of a Virtual Live Racing Content offering to players that wish to consume their entertainment and betting when it suits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Virtual Racing Products (VRPs), The State of Oregon Legislature Senate Bill 77 approved and signed by Governor 11th June 2019.

VS Virtual Live Racing Products have attained technical requirements and standards of The State of Oregon Racing Commission (ORC).

NCC Group is a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation provides the software escrow solution for the Virtual Software platform.

BMM TestLabs (BMM), the gaming testing specialist with 35 years international expertise, and based in Las Vegas, has independently verified and approved the software platform for the regulated racing and casino verticals.

VS Virtual Live Racing Products are fully integrated and live on the AmTote wagering system, 28th October 2019. AmTote is the leading technology and services provider to the North American pari-mutuel wagering market, possessing the broadest worldwide host’s integration for commingled pari-mutuel & fixed odds wagering systems in the market.

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