Meet Dave Mousley, Chief Creative Officer at VLR

Meet Dave Mousley, Chief Creative Officer at VLR

Dave is VLR’s Chief Creative Officer. His many achievements during a long and successful creative media career include leading a team that won 2 BAFTA and 2 Royal Television Society awards for technical and creative innovation, and received 2 Emmy nominations. Dave’s used to putting others in the spotlight, but now it’s his turn to take centre stage in our latest Q&A!

Q1: What attracted you to working with VLR?

Dave: The opportunity to take virtual racing into the area of pari-mutuel betting which was the obvious next step for those at the forefront of innovation in the industry. When I met Vincent [Caldwell, VLR’s Chairman], he immediately spotted this opportunity, realized the exciting potential it had, and enthusiastically backed the initiative.

Dave Mousley, Creative Director, Virtua Live Racing


Q2: What makes VLR’s technical proposition different from other market suppliers?

Dave: The focus on tote betting, the fact that it is not based on RNG (random number generation) like many legacy products, plus our robotic gambling technology.


Q3: VLR has a full road map for 2021, what can customers and racetracks expect in terms of product developments?

Dave: There are numerous significant developments in the pipeline. These include the integration of real-world environments with the computer-generated elements, new methods of delivery, and an ever increasing range of realistic features developed and then integrated In our continuous development and enhancement programme.


Q4: Technology is driving virtualisation of real horse racing events, what leaps in technology could we see in the next five years?

Dave: I would say most of the developments in this area will match the developments in the wider gaming and computer graphics delivery universe. Obvious possibilities include immersive VR and also augmented reality features. There are several innovations we are developing that we can’t reveal right now – but watch this space because we will have some  exciting news to share when the time is right.


Q5: Crypto currency and the crypto ledger are starting to witness game development on those technologies. Will we see virtual products using these platforms?

Dave: Absolutely. It’s a natural trajectory for these new digital technologies to align and integrate.


Q6: Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Dave: I think we have only just begun to expand the potential envelope of what is possible in virtual gaming, eSports, and the technologies for production and delivery of these exciting products.


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